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Recently I got a new roof for my home and, of course, it came with a guarantee. Well, that got me to thinking about all the different kinds of guarantees, and why some things we buy have guarantees and other things we purchase that should have a guarantee don’t have one. Let me tell you what I mean… If I need my car repaired, I take it to an auto mechanic - I might need a mechanic who’s an expert at repairing my car’s air conditioner or perhaps a mechanic who’s an expert at overhauling an engine or the transmission. I needed the new roof, so I hired an expert in installing new roofs. I’m sure you get the idea - when we need a specific service, we get an expert. And, for these types of services, we typically receive some guarantee when the work has been completed, don’t we? Maybe I get a warranty on the air conditioner or transmission that was repaired, or I get a guarantee on my new roof. We even receive a guarantee every time we buy a tube of toothpaste or a loaf of bread, don’t we? If we’re not happy with the quality of the toothpaste or the bread, we can bring it back to the store where we purchased it for a complete, 100% refund. What’s my point, you ask? The point for you to consider is this - why is it that people can get guarantees when they hire “experts” to repair their cars, homes, and appliances – they can even return a tube of toothpaste or a loaf of bread and get a refund - and yet they don’t have any guarantee from the “expert” financial company that’s holding and “managing” their retirement account? You may never have thought about the idea of having some “guarantee” on your IRA or 401(k) retirement account that’s in the stock market, so take a moment and think about it right now. How is it that people can receive money-back guarantees on tubes of toothpaste or loaves of bread, but they don’t have guarantees of any kind on their 401(k)s and IRAs when that money is in the stock market and at risk? You may be thinking “well, I guess I don’t have any guarantees on my retirement account because that’s just not the way the world works,” or “nobody else has a guarantee on their retirement account” or something along those lines… Well, I’m here to tell you that guarantees on your retirement accounts are available, and they do exist. To give you an example, here’s a list of 3 guarantees my clients now have on their retirement accounts after they decided to move their retirement accounts to Fixed Index Annuities:
  1. A guarantee against any loss in their retirement account’s value if the stock market crashes
  2. A guarantee to automatically “lock in” gains to their retirement account each year the stock market goes higher
  3. A guarantee to never run out of money when they retire – a guarantee that they and their spouse will receive their own private “paychecks” every month, for the rest of their lives, and the balance in their nest eggs will pass to their heirs outside of probate
Here’s another thing you might find interesting about these guarantees - the cost to turn your “currently-non-guaranteed” account into a guaranteed account is a big, fat $0 – the “stroke of your pen” and merely repositioning your retirement account from its current location to a new custodian is all it takes. My question to you is just this: Would you like to know more about how you can have these guarantees in your retirement savings account? Right now, your retirement account can’t give you what you really want during retirement – guarantees of safety and a guaranteed lifetime income. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally “take control” of your current retirement plan and turn it into a “Plan B” retirement plan that does what you want and has those guarantees? This short video I put together sums it all up – check it out:  http://www.PlanBPlan.com If you would like information about how you can “take control” of your retirement account, guarantee your life savings against loss and turn your account into a private paycheck for life,” send me an email or leave a message on my toll-free number. I’ll be happy to answer your questions about how you can “turn the retirement account you have into the retirement account you want.” I can be reached at rick@safemoneyhouston.com  or toll-free at (844) 370-SAFE (7233).
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